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Meet the Team of Professionals, Who are Very Passionate About Your Well-Being. 

Dr. Shalini Chandan

The चिकित्सक. Your Family Doctor on Call!

I am a Doctor, trained in the Department of Family Medicine, the broadest specialty in medicine, which forms the first line of defense for the patient. My view of patient care is oriented to the patient rather than the disease, and my concern is in the continuing welfare of the patient in the full context of his life situation rather than the episodic care of a presenting complaint.

As rightly described in the words of Harvey Cushing “A physician is obligated to consider more than a diseased organ, more even than the whole man - they must view the man in his world” and I strongly believe that a doctor should be the personal physician, oriented to the whole patient.


I have extensive experience and expertise in treating infectious diseases such as fever, flu, asthma, HIV, Hepatitis-B and STD’s as well as lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. 


At Family Tree Clinic, we use evidence as a tool, but not as a determinant of practice,  We listen to you and let you participate actively in all decisions related to your health and will give unbiased advice.


We at Family Tree Clinic also believe that our traits  - Compassion, Professionalism, Humanity, Honesty and a Strong Work Ethic make us Exceptional Family Doctors.

Above all, we believe not just in medicating the patient, but in educating and inspiring hope for our patients.

Trained, Worked and Working with the Best

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Dr. Amrutha J.H

ನಿಮ್ಮ ಕುಟುಂಬಕ್ಕೆ ವೈದ್ಯ. The Doctor You Wish For 

I am a Family Physician trained in Family Medicine at St. Martha's Hospital, one of the reputed hospitals in Bengaluru.


I want to stay true to the name of the Family Medicine specialty, and do not confine myself to treating a particular system or age group, but I want to encompass the whole family at times of need.  I am a dynamic, enthusiastic, hard working, honest and dedicated physician and I approach a person in a holistic way rather than focusing on the disease per se. I advocate healthy living which I follow both personally and professionally


strongly believe and follow the FIVE principles of medicine while addressing any health issue i.e.,
healthy diet, regular exercise, work, rest, and positive thinking.


i am compassionate and practice ethical medicine and does not see the person coming to me just as a patient but as another human being in need of professional help. My strong-arm is ‘preventive health care’, which forms an essential area of health management in a modern day lifestyle.

I follow a ‘teach and Learn’ approach wherein I teach the importance of maintaining a disciplined routine in order to tackle health issues in their budding stages, at the same time learn how each disease/health issue differ in the way they present. I am a patient listener and a focused doctor who does not give up till the issue at hand is properly managed.


My areas of special interest are lifestyle modification, management of Diabetes, Hypertension and vector borne diseases. I am  driven by her ideology of ‘health promotion and prevention of health related issues’.

Pritika Dhoot (B.E., M.Sc)

Masters in International Health Management from Imperial College Business School, London.

The Activity शिक्षक at Family Tree Clinic.

Make Fitness your Lifestyle, Not just another Resolution.


From being an Engineer to a Health Consultant, Pritika Dhoot has successfully established herself as a Fitness Consultant in Bangalore. Choosing her passion for Fitness and combining the knowledge of her masters degree, she started her own Fitness Studio in Shantinagar called Dance With Pri Studio in 2015.

Studying abroad she realized Fitness is a part of everyones daily lives but not back home. Hence, decided to start her own fitness centre where people choose Exercising as a daily activity which can help them transform their lives.

Being one of the first group fitness studio in Central Bangalore, Pritika has fitness members from 4yrs to 62yrs. She has changed many lives, especially women who considered exercise a luxury or choice, now workout daily to stay fit.

Pritika is a Certified Zumba Instructor from USA which is a high energy workout combining Dance and Fitness. She is also a certified Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Kids, Zumba Kids Junior instructor. Along-with the cardio- respiratory workout programs, she is a certified Advanced Strength Trainer. She is Certified in Care & Prevention of Sports/Fitness Injuries, Gait and Posture Analysis by The Fitness and Sports Sciences Association, India. She is a Certified Nirvana Fitness Instructor which combines Yoga and Pilates with rhythmic breathing exercises to strengthen your body as well as detox mind.

Along with being a trainer and an entrepreneur, Pritika is a brand ambassador of India’s First Sustainable Active Wear called Deivee by Milind Soman. She has also been the Zumba Instructor for India’s biggest Women’s Run Pinkathon for two consecutive years ( 2018 & 2019 ).She has conducted Corporate fitness programs for KPMG, Ernst & Young, Amante and Puma.


Not just adults, she promotes the importance of fitness in children as well. She has conducted programs for schools, youth clubs and colleges. She firmly believes a healthy society should start fitness young to avoid future health implications.It is vital to plan your workouts carefully as every human body and every individual’s goals are different. Also, one cannot keep doing the same workout every day as it may get boring and less motivating. In today’s time, we are shifting more towards a sedentary lifestyle. Pritika hopes to inspire children as well as adults to get fit and live fit.


Her highest sense of satisfaction is from students who have reversed their medical conditions and are living a life they had never imagined they could. Adapting Fitness as a Lifestyle for a Better & Healthy Future.

Some Clients With Whom She Worked

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